Japio dashboard templates allow you to add many metrics such as bounce rate, sessions, users, revenue and more in
Dashboard Templates a single dashboard to generate reports effortlessly.

Japio's Popular Dashboard Templates

Google Analytics (Acquisition Snapshot)Using Japio's Google Analytics Acquisition snapshot dashboard template explore traffic sources. Easily identify the best performing campaigns, paid and organic keywords, track user behaviour, and so on.

Mobile vs Desktop TrafficUse Japio's free dashboard template to optimize the user experience of your website on mobile and desktop devices. Evaluate how desktop and mobile visitors use your website and make better decisions based on your results.

Google Analytics (Website Engagement)Use Japio's Google Analytics (Website Engagement) dashboard template and track significant metrics such as your website's bounce rate, conversion rate, unique number of visitors, number of returning visitors, session spent on pages, and more

Google Analytics (Ecommerce Overview )Using Japio's Google Analytics (Ecommerce Overview) dashboard template get full insights into Your eCommerce store. Learn about revenue, transactions, conversion rates, and more.

Google Analytics (Mobile app metrics)Use Japio's Google Analytics Mobile App Metrics dashboard template for free. Measure user retention and engagement, the number of daily new signups, revenue, your app’s most frequently used features, and more.