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How it Works

Japio is a marketplace that allows marketers to acquire traffic from multiple SSPs through a single advertising platform (DSP). Native, display (banners), pop-up, pop-under, and interstitial advertising formats are all available on our self-serve platform. RTB programmatic technology is used in japio . We offer the proper traffic for you, whether you want to go local or international, mobile or desktop.

Why it Works

With ADSCORE security protections, Japio provides a brand-safe environment. Our platform employs cutting-edge targeting technology to give real audiences, with genuine outcomes. We can offer our advertising services at the global market's lowest bid rates thanks to our extensive network. Sign up now and start promoting your business in minutes!

Visitor Targeting Options

Targeted by location

Geo Targeting

Get Visitors from particular nations, states, or cities

targeted by category

Category Targeting

Choose certain industries or subjects for your product or service.

targeted by browser

Browser Targeting

Create an exclusion list or get visitors from specific browsers.

targeted by device

Device Targeting

Using Operating systems target mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

domain targeting

Domain Targeting

Receive traffic from domains name and sources that are specifically targeted.

APP Targeting

App Targeting

Craete a whitelist and get visitors from targeted apps


Carrier Targeting

Specific carriers and Wi-Fi connections to target audiences.


Supply Targeting

Use Web or In-app inventory types for your campaigns.

Premium Inventory

We collaborate with a number of SSP (supply-side platform) partners to help advertisers obtain high-quality traffic at the lowest feasible cost. To optimise the efficacy of our advertising platform, we are continually adding new SSP partners. Our mission is to give the most effective ad placements on the most effective websites and apps.

Transparent Traffic

Japio gives complete transparency to advertisers and agencies, allowing them to make informed media buying decisions. Our advertising platform provides you with complete transparency and cost control. We provide real-time cross-publisher media buying with access to all relevant inventory sources.

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japio ADacts
japio adzesto
japio ezmob
japio heads
japio ready wind
japio zeropark
japio media 80x
japio admeridian
japio bizz
japio explore ads
japio Hilltopads
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japio clickiq
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japio adxfactory
japio click menia
japio flairads
japio infinityinfo
japio rexrtb
japio adxfactory
japio clickiq
japio adcanny
japio click menia
japio flairads
japio infinityinfo
japio rexrtb

Campaign Optimization Tools

Campaign Goal

Campaign Goals

Set objectives based on impressions, clicks, engagement, and conversions.


Conversion Tracking

Insert the script code on your website and start tracking conversions right now.

click refer

Click Referrer

From a single user-friendly dashboard, access different advertising channels.

cost metrics

Cost Metrics

For any budget, create CPV or CPM advertising campaigns.


Source Sampling

Choose how many visitors to get per source and for how long.


Supply Partners

Exclude or Include specific SSPs from the advertising campaigns.


GA Integration

Using macros, connect and collect data to Google Analytics .


Export Data

For the last 90 days, download traffic reports in CSV format.

source filter

Source Filters

Choose which traffic sources you want to accept or prohibit for your campaigns.

traffic estimator

Traffic Estimator

See where your campaign stands in the network in real time.

Brand-Safe Environment

Quality Traffic

Using IAS, Forensiq, and MOAT filters, get only brand-safe traffic.

video filter

Video Filters

Get visitors from browsers that support Flash, HTML5, and WebGL.

real time report

Real-Time Reports

Recieve statistics in real-time on clicks, CTR, impressions and more.

flight date

Flight Dates

Plan the start and end dates of advertising campaigns.

anti ad-blocker

IP Blocking

Import IP address whitelists and blacklists into campaigns.

budget control

Budget Control

Set a daily and overall advertising budget for your campaigns.

Programmatic Advertising Technology

The automated technique of buying or selling web advertisements at scale is programmatic ad buying. It's becoming more common in the digital arena as a technique to buy inventory because the marketer reaps numerous benefits. Unlike traditional advertising, which creates audiences based on demographics such as who watches a particular TV show or reads a particular magazine, programmatic advertising goes a step further and allows advertisers to target audiences based on incredibly specific criteria. Programmatic adds a layer to your digital strategy to help you exceed any KPI by providing unequalled inventory and smart targeting. It enables us to buy inventory and target specific audiences in ways we've never been able to previously, resulting in richer and more intelligent advertising experiences. Programmatic technology gives businesses access to nearly all internet ad inventory, allowing them to target consumers like never before. Japio collaborates with a number of programmatic partners to help media buyers acquire high-quality traffic at the lowest feasible cost.

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