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Ashish Upadhyay- Senior IT Architect/ETL

“If Japio can completely get rid of ETL/ESB, I think life would be much easier.”

Sharif Miah - Data Analyst

“Using Japio we can easily process data and create visualization without hand coding.”

Zachary Ledford - Manager, Data and Automation​

“I think there’s an ideal fit particularly for firms looking to do marketing integrations.”

Tyler Roberts - Director of Buisness Intelligence

“I believe Japio is particularly valuable if there is no data connector available in the organization's primary analytics tool.”

Drew Gordon - Data Scientist

“Overall, once again, great work! This version is much more mature and feature packed. I especially like all of the data sources. ”

Jack Lindsey - Data Science & Analytics​

“Japio makes it easy to wrangle massive sets of data without having to know SQL, yet gives the option to add custom SQL queries.”

Faisal Hasan - Social Media Manager (Agency)

“I think Japio can help me 3x faster than using spreadsheets for client reporting.”

Ryan Agro - Business Intelligence Analyst

“The functionality is awesome, and the best part is that you have such a variety of connectors. Keep up the great work, I definitely see a strong use case for the tech! ”

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