Automated Data Collection. Real-Time Data Pipelines & Marketing Reports

JAPIO integrates with your existing tools, feeding Real-Time Data to any data destination of your choice.

From Disparate and Siloed Data To Automated Analytics


Centralize All Your Marketing Data in One Place. Feed all your marketing data into any tool you like or use Japio for your visualization needs. Create dashboards and reports with all your marketing data.

Data Analyst

Japio reduces the typical ETL pipeline setup timing. Create connections between your data sources and destinations in real-time. Skip the tedious and manual parts of data cleansing.


Free yourself from tedious data collection and prep tasks to focus on higher-value activities.

Dashboard & Reports

Create dashboards and reports with all your marketing data

data sources

japio goes beyond spreadsheets by allowing you to transform, visualize, and analyze multiple data sources. japio connects natively to all of your company data sources, so your organization can pull together all the data it needs to make informed decisions

Visualization Tools

Connect your desired Data Sources in Japio, Transform the Data and use in your Favorite Visualization Tool.

Pre-Built Templates

Just connect the appropriate data source(s) and your data will automatically populate with ML predictions. Templates can also be customized. Patent-Pending*.

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