Turn your Raw Data into Actionable Insights

Connect with your desired Data Source, Prepare & Analyze,  Use ready-made Dashboard Template or Create your own Dashboard, Pipeline the Data to a Destination.

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Achieve peace of mind

Forget your daily manual CSV  & Spreadsheet downloads. Let Japio take care of your raw data and convert it into real-time visualization so that you can focus on growing your business.

new insight

Access New Insights

Automate reporting and uncover new insights



Empowers business users and non-IT personnel to work directly with our iPaaS solution, requiring no coding ability.

Hands on support

Connect anything with Japio ETL

Connect with all the right data sources, visualization tools and Data Warehouses all in one platform.

Gather all your data from any platform you are using – Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics. You name it – we’ve got it!

Data Sources

Pull your data from various platform into one place.

Ask for a Platform

If your desired platform isn't already in our list, we'll create a connector for you. Bring all of your data in one place.

Import Data

Easily import any data from Google Sheets, Excel, CSV, JSON or XML.

Automatic updates

Japio's integrations have been thoroughly tested and proven to work, so you'll never have to worry about API updates or quota constraints. We’ve got you covered!

Always have a backup

Japio saves all of your raw, historical data so you can retrieve it at any time. Investigate and gather information without compromising the foundation.

In minutes, go from raw data to business-ready data.
Japio makes data transformation easier by allowing you to clean, map, and stitch all of your data in one place.

Send your data to your favorite Data Warehouse (Destination).

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Data Transformation

Transform your data with the following rules

multiple datasets


Merge multiple datasets into one using various joins - INNER , OUTER LEFT, OUTER RIGHT & FULL JOIN

Verify & Clean

Verify & Clean

Remove irrelevant or unusable data, fix any inconsistencies and missing values. For example, maybe campaign names were named differently on various platforms, and you want to clean this up and make it one consistent campaign name.


Exclude redundant data, remove duplicate records.

arithematic operators

Arithematic Operators

Perform arithmetic operations like Add, Subtract, Multiply, Division


Calculated columns

Using existing columns, perform some calculation and create a new column. For example create a new column for CPC using existing columns total cost & total clicks.



You can filter data based on one or more conditions. For example, filter data within a data range or filter data for a specific country



Sort, rename & remove columns.

Currency Conversion

If you have data in more than one currency you convert this to a common currency either set the conversion rates manually or let Japio do this automatically for you.

Get all your company data in one place. Stop Silos

No more complexed ETL or spreadsheets

No more complexed ETL or spreadsheets

No Coding Required

No Coding Required

Data Analysis

Data Analysis and visualization tools

Data Management,

Data Management, Governance, Security and Access Control

Automated Company Reporting

Automated Company Reporting

Pre-Built Connectors

Pre-Built Connectors

Real-Time and Batch Intergration

Real-Time and Batch Intergration

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools

Learn how the platform can benefit your team


Centralize All Your Marketing Data in One Place. Feed all your marketing data into any tool you like or use Japio for your visualization needs.

Data Analyst

Japio reduces the typical ETL pipeline setup timing. Create connections between your data sources and destinations in real-time. Skip the tedious and manual parts of data cleansing.


Free yourself from tedious data collection and prep tasks to focus on higher-value activities.

Dashboard & Reports

Create dashboards and reports with all your marketing data