The easiest way to bring your marketing data into Google Data Studio

Connect your desired Data Sources in Japio, Transform the Data and use in your Favorite Visualization Tool.

google data studio

Google Data Studio

We make your data available in a MySql database which you can connect in Data Studio and create Reports. To get the access of MySql Database, Contact Us.
To know how to connect MySql in Data Studio, refer this.



Japio cloud-native connectors simplify data integration and other ETL needs to free you to focus on insights, instead of fixing data pipelines.

Japio: Data Pipelines, redefined.

Waste less time, spend less money, and scale anytime


With 30+ connectors and counting, we ensure the data in your warehouse is always up to date and accessible by analysts.

Get all your company data in one place. Stop Silos

No more complexed ETL or spreadsheets


No Coding Required

Data Analysis

Data Analysis and visualization tools

Data Management,

Data Management, Governance, Security and Access Control

Automated Company Reporting

Automated Company Reporting

Pre-Built Connectors

Pre-Built Connectors

Real-Time and Batch Intergration

Real-Time and Batch Intergration

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration Tools

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