Data Wrangling: Solving Marketing’s Biggest Chore

Marketers, do you often spend hours manually wrangling data in spreadsheets? Marketing ROI hard to measure? Not alone. 

Top Challenges Marketers Face: 

  1. Too much time and manual effort needed to wrangle data for reporting
  2. Marketing ROI measurement failure 
  3. Inability to report on all marketing channels and activity 
  4. No data-driven marketing plan 
  5. Marketing budget optimization uncertainty 

Spreadsheet data manipulation is becoming more time-consuming and resource-intensive. 58% of marketing teams use spreadsheets for routine reports. 

What’s the cost of all this manual data wrangling? 

  • It distracts your staff from better projects. 
  • It reduces employee happiness and time-to-insight. 
  • Manual data wrangling can cause human error. 

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