Google Ads dashboard template

Template Created  By Japio

Track the Google ad campaigns and important metrics like cost per conversion, impressions, conversion rate, etc. with a customizable, efficient and simple Google ads dashboard template. Enhance your campaign performance by analyzing the data.
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Advantages of Google ads dashboard template

Connecting Google ads accounts will be advantageous because:

To understand if your ad holds value for the users, monitoring the number of clicks on your ad is important.

Learn about the amount you get charged for every action taken by the user on seeing your ad. Monitoring it will help you establish the return on the ad investment.

Track the performance of your Google ad campaigns with detailed insights. Check the impressions and the number of people who clicked on your ads.

Check if the ad is relevant, targeting the right audience and if the users are taking the desired action.

Analyze the frequency of your ads with the option to specify the date range.

Check how much each click on the ad costs you.

The template has one-click integrations:

google ads Google Ads metrics 


With Japio, numerous Google ads metrics can be envisioned. Similarly, a variety of metrics and its combinations can be tracked with Google ads. Google Ads metrics in this template are:

Cost is the cost for interaction which may lead to conversion. Conversions are the conversion actions. In a specific date range, it is the cost divided by conversions.

Total of cost per thousand impressions (CPM) spend and cost per click (CPC) spend in a specific date range.

With our integration with Google ads, which other campaign elements can be tracked and monitored? Let’s find out.

With our integration with Google ads, extra data can be pulled.

Data can be pulled from databases, spreadsheets, native integrations or APIs if you do not use Google ads.

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