Data-Driven Marketers

Japio is all about helping marketing and analytics teams build better businesses with data.

Predictive Analytics - Patented Forecasting Charts

Data and AI for All


Centralize All Your Marketing Data in One Place. Feed all your marketing data into any tool you like or use Japio for your visualization needs. Create dashboards and reports with all your marketing data.

Data Analyst

Japio reduces the typical ETL pipeline setup timing. Create connections between your data sources and destinations in real-time. Skip the tedious and manual parts of data cleansing.


Whether it's brand awareness or lead generation, take control of your campaign results with a turn-key advestising solution.

Predictive Analytics

Use our patented technology prediction metrics, readymade dashboards, data transfomation rules to make your job easier and accurate results. Predict future outcomes, uncover risks and opportunities for your business.

Non-SQL Transformations

Leverage No Code Transforms that write SQL behind the scenes with support for the following

Selected Columns

Easily analyze data by selecting only the columns you need to display.

Filter Data

Utilize various operators to efficiently filter and refine your data.

Calculated Columns

Create new columns with math operations on data.

Arithmetic Operations

Apply basic to complex arithmetic operations effortlessly.

Verify and Clean

Options to remove or replace existing data for cleaner datasets.


Automatically remove duplicate rows, retaining only the first occurrence.

Sort Column

Organize your data by sorting columns in your preferred order.

Remove Column

Easily select and remove data from one or more columns.


Change the names of existing columns for better clarity.

Currency Conversion

Convert data values into different currencies with ease.

Join Datasets

Combine records from multiple datasets for comprehensive data analysis.

data sources

japio goes beyond spreadsheets by allowing you to transform, visualize, and analyze multiple data sources. japio connects natively to all of your company data sources, so your organization can pull together all the data it needs to make informed decisions
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Visualization Tools

Connect your desired Data Sources in Japio, Transform the Data and use in your Favorite Visualization Tool.

Predictive Analytics - Patented Forecasting Charts

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