Google Analytics Website Engagement Dashboard Template

Template Created  By Japio

Use Japio's Google Analytics (Website Engagement) dashboard template and track significant metrics such as your website's bounce rate, conversion rate, unique number of visitors, number of returning visitors, session spent on pages, and more.

What all you can learn from Japio's Google Analytics (Website Engagement) Dashboard Template

Using Japio’s Google Analytics (Website Engagement) dashboard template, you can quickly measure your website’s performance and conversions. No more data search. Just connect your Google Analytics account and you will know:

  • How much traffic does your website get every day or every month?

Track the wide variety of recent and returning visitors to your website over a specific time.
Compare these numbers with previous months to ensure you achieve your goals and achieve growth.

  • Which channels bring traffic to your website?

Focus on advertising and marketing channels that produce effective and accurate poorly advertising and marketing channels.

  • keywords that generate the most organic traffic

Better understand the specific search terms that bring people to your website and create more content to support them.

  • The average number of pages viewed by visitors on your website

How many pages does a visitor need to view before taking action? Does your content resonate?

  • The percentage of new visitors and returning website visitors.

Find out how effective your marketing campaign is to attract new visitors, and how many visitors are interested in returning to your website.

  • Time spent by visitors on your website.

View the pages that visitors quickly leave and stay on. Better understand the content that resonates most with visitors and potential customers.

            Google Analytics metrics


The number of conversions divided by channels over a period (date range)


The % of sessions created by first-time visitors or new visitors over a specific period or date range


Percentage of Single-Page Sessions during which there was no interaction with the Page over a period. A bounced session incorporates zero seconds.


The average session duration within the specified period or date range.


The number of sessions in the specified date range. A session is a period during which users actively interact with your website, application, etc.


The average number of page views per session during the specified time period. Calculate the revisit to the same page.


The number of sessions is divided into channels over a particular date range.


Users who have logged in at least one session within the specified period or date range.


The number of sessions divided by organic keywords in a specified period.

Get a deeper understanding and additional data by using our integration with google analytics

You can use Japio’s Google Analytics integration to track and analyze the following:

  • Website traffic and conversions
  • Lead demographics and traffic.
  • Engagement in social media platforms.
  • Paid Advertisement.
  • Performance of landing pages.
  • Performance of campaigns by custom events.

Get many more alternative metrics and data by using Google Analytics (Mobile vs Desktop Traffic) dashboard templates. In Japio, we provide many varieties of dashboard templates.

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